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We are open and we do accomplish all the Covid-19 safety protocol

Your Physiotherapy center in Calpe

Physiotherapy Center specialized in rehabilitation treatments and muscle pain treatments


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Rehabilitation treatments and muscle pain treatments with expert hands combined with technology (ultrasounds, electroestimulation, etc)




Piltes for back pain in small gruops. Come and feel better.




Relax with oyur wonderfuil massages with aromatic essential oils and disconnect form de world

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Lymphatic drainage


Massage that acts directly on the lymphatric systema with very positive benefits on the skin helping the elimination of toxins and fluid retention


Physiotherapy treatments


Sport injuries

Muscle contracture

Post traumatic injuries

Fisioterapia "Pre" y "Post" quirúrgica

Manual therapy

Therapeutic massage

Relaxing massage


Do you need a break?

Come and try our relaxing treatments base on massages and the use of essential oils.
The massage with essential oils generates a sensation of relaxation that contributes to the reduction of stress and tension. By lowering stress, we help the brain to relax its activity and have effects on its orders to the muscles and nerve terminations

Monday fo Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with appointment.

Phone/Whatsapp: 607 249 917



Calle Padre Manjón, 2, Bajo C

03710 Calpe